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Inaugurated in 2023, the Facio Innovations Technology Foundation (Faciotech Foundation) is a non-profit organization serving as a trailblazer in the realm of information technology infrastructure. With its roots in Ghana, the foundation builds upon the legacy of Faciotech, originally established in 2015. Our team, comprised of devoted and seasoned researchers, meticulously conducts thorough research to devise practical and innovative IT solutions. These solutions are designed to stimulate IT literacy, foster...
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Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the best organization in creating opportunities for IT literacy and impacting lives socially and economically through the creation of High-tech solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create change socially and economically through IT literacy advancement, research, the creation of online platforms, and other innovations that solve dire needs in various areas of the nation. Our work at the Faciotech Foundation is guided by our unwavering commitment to catalyze societal advancement and create a significant imprint through the application of technology.

Background Information

Inaugurated in 2023, the Facio Innovations Technology Foundation (Faciotech Foundation) is a non-profit organization serving as a trailblazer in the realm of information technology infrastructure. With its roots in Ghana, the foundation builds upon the legacy of Faciotech, originally established in 2015. Our team, comprised of devoted and seasoned researchers, meticulously conducts thorough research to devise practical and innovative IT solutions. These solutions are designed to stimulate IT literacy, foster social interaction and awareness, and instigate the development of further innovations adept at addressing societal challenges.

Technology for Social Causes

We create online platforms that help create awareness on social issues, educate people on various matters, serve as a means of interaction, and also help raise funds for beneficial causes. For instance, with our crowdfunding website, our aim is to provide a platform where business owners can share their stories and appeal for funds for their businesses. In developing countries, one major source of the collapse of small and medium scale businesses is the lack of access to funds. With the crowdfunding website, we bring together people from various parts of the world and fields to share their stories and offer help to one another. Also, we provide support for NGOs by promoting their goals online.

We accomplish this by creating websites for them at affordable rates to enable them promote their goals to a wider audience which will, in the long run, help them to generate funds and get interested people on board. Again, we provide consultation services for NGOs on how best they can use the internet to promote their initiatives. NGOs who are seeking to take their activities to the next level must of necessity leverage technology. Faciotech comes in here to provide the necessary consultation to enable them take their NGOs to the next level. 

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Agricultural Innovation

Technology can be leveraged to ensure maximum output in the agricultural sector. Now with technology, challenges surrounding irrigation of vast lands of crops, ploughing acres of land, land surveillance, harvesting on a large scale, storage facilities among others have become a thing of the past. There are various equipment that can be used to do all these using less labor and less cost. Faciotech educates farmers on the various technologies, how they work and how they can be used in making farming easier and more productive.’’ We also provide agricultural drone services that perform various functions. 

Drones are used for irrigation and spraying plants with pesticides. These drones replace the traditional pesticide sprayer in a fast, easier and less costly way. Drones can also be used for sowing seeds in a more efficient manner as well as land surveillance to check for weeds and pests’ outbreak and monitor irrigation and fertilizer shortage. Through our drone service, we promote the day to day operations of life on the farm through high resolution aerial video or aerial photography. We capture the land, the livestock and the infrastructure. We also report on plant counts and help farmers know which plants are growing well and those once affected by pests.

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Technological support and training

We provide IT training for institutions, students and individuals. Seeing the importance of technology in our world today, we believe that inculcating IT knowledge into the younger generation is a good cause. We, therefore, organize ICT training for students who have completed Junior and Senior High schools to make it possible for to acquire the necessary IT skills. Also, we offer IT training to schools, farmers, workers and other institutions to enhance their knowledge of technology and how they can take advantage of it in their endeavors. Again, individuals who are interested in learning basic/advanced IT skills also qualify to receive IT training from us. Through this, we aim to advance IT literacy and create a viable environment where people can easily leverage technology in their lives, studies, businesses among many others.Our IT training also takes place in a more structured way. With our IT School, we give people the opportunity to enroll and study IT related courses for a period of time. As part of our core mandates in ensuring that IT literacy is advanced, we remove barriers that may stop brilliant students from getting access to IT training. Thus, we enroll students who are interested in IT on scholarships to enable them to study IT related courses of their choice. Through both our structured IT training and short term training, we equip people with IT skills in a more practical and intensive way. 

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Land Management Technology Services

Faciotech is introducing the use of technology in managing and securing lands as well as other real estate properties. We have created an online platform to reduce the high vacancy rate prevalent in Ghana and bridge the gap between real estate developers and home seekers.  A look at Ghana’s home and property space can tell any real estate enthusiast that in spite of the housing deficiency in Ghana, there is a high vacancy rate. Though lack of funds may be a primary reason for the high vacancy rates, the inability of home seekers locate their dream homes and location is yet another challenge. Despite the increase in the housing stocks in recent times, vacancies rates are still rising with worse housing conditions. Research undertaken by us indicates a disconnection between Real estate developers and home seekers in Ghana. Thus to say, home developers either develop for a non-existing market or home seekers are not able to locate their desired properties due to non-availability of data. We work with real estate businesses to develop solutions that will assist them in reaching the ideal home buyers. We envision the possibility of bridging the disconnect and knowledge gap of the industry. This platform is robust yet simple and easy to use.

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Leveraging Tech for the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 for the year 2030. They include No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-being, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Clean Water and Sanitation, Affordable and Clean Energy, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Reduced Inequality, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action, Life Below Water, Life on Land, Peace and Justice Strong Institutions, Partnerships to achieve the Goal. Our aim at Faciotech is to work towards the achievements of the SGDs through the use of technology. We organize online symposia and create animations to create awareness of the Technology and SDGs. Again, through our IT training, we aim at equipping people with IT skills that will enable them to secure jobs easily on the job markets or create businesses that will, in the long run, employ other people. Through this way, we contribute a quota to the achievement of these goals. Also, our online platforms created for deliberations on social issues help throw more light on the SGDs goals and drive discussions on what can be done to contribute towards its achievement. 

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Social research in technology

Creating innovations to deal with complex issues require extensive research on various social and economic issues. Innovations are the results of dedicated efforts to quality research. Research is, therefore, a crucial aspect of Faciotech in the achievement of our goals. Faciotech conducts research on social and economic issues to see how best technology can be leveraged in these areas. Our team of professional and experienced researchers brings a whole world of empirical evidence to the table that enables us to create viable solutions using technology to solve complex societal issues. For instance, to leverage technology in the agricultural sector, one would need extensive research to gather facts about lands, crops, the kind of human labour and equipment used on farms and how they increase or decrease efficiency etc. Having empirical evidence helps to create innovations that can be employed to increase efficiency. That is why research is a pivotal to our success at Faciotech. Through such committed efforts towards research, we are able to explore, analyze and review various social challenges and create solutions using technology.

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OurCauseAid Development Report

OurCauseAid, an initiative of Faciotech Foundation, is a crowdfunding platform designed to support small charities and individuals in Ghana. The platform serves as a powerful medium for promoting the admirable work done by these organizations and individuals, inspiring others to support their endeavors.

Transparency is at the heart of OurCauseAid, building donor confidence and trust through evidence-based storytelling. This provides clear and compelling evidence of the impact of the projects. This approach not only helps to build donor confidence, but it also enables charities and individuals to better understand their impact and how they can enhance their efforts.

OurCauseAid is dedicated to creating a user-friendly and intuitive platform that simplifies the process of connecting with donors and showcasing work. It fosters a community of charities, individuals, and donors who can learn from each other and collaborate to achieve their goals.

OurCauseAid was developed with the goal of supporting and empowering small NGOs and individuals in Africa, particularly in Ghana. It aims to develop a comprehensive profile of NGOs in Ghana, provide support and resources, serve as a knowledge base for NGOs, provide evidence-based reports on projects to build donor confidence, and promote Ghana beyond the foreign aid agenda.

The vision for OurCauseAid is to create a crowding funding platform to help small NGOs and individuals raise funds to aid them in providing social support for the vulnerable and less privileged.

OurCauseAid's mission is to empower small NGOs and individuals in Africa by providing them with the tools and resources they need to raise funds and make a positive impact in their communities. It believes in the power of crowdfunding to bring about social change and strives to create a platform that is accessible, transparent, and easy to use.

OurCauseAid is a product of Faciotech Foundation's commitment to using technology for social causes. It exemplifies the commitment to helping small NGOs in Ghana connect with donors and raise funds for social support initiatives targeting vulnerable and disadvantaged populations.

Most recently, OurCauseAid has been established as a part of Facio Innovations Technology’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. It prioritizes presenting stories backed up by facts that provide unambiguous and persuasive proof of the impact of projects, which helps donors build confidence and trust. The platform is composed of four distinct modules: Crowdfunder, Cause Mart, Charity Directorate, and Volunteer Match, which together provide a comprehensive platform for boosting social impact in Africa.

Joining OurCauseAid is simple and can make a significant difference in the world. Interested parties can go through the four separate modules—Crowdfunder, Cause Mart, Charity Directorate, and Volunteer Match—and choose the one that best matches their interests and talents.

Investors and donors can take pride in being part of a platform that is not only making a significant difference in the communities it serves but also setting the pace in utilizing technology for social causes. The platform's focus on transparency, evidence-based storytelling, and user-friendly interface makes it an appealing investment for those looking to support social causes.

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Raised: $10

Goal: $5,000

The Missing Kids Project: A Lifeline for Lost Children

We are developing Ghana's first digital database for missing children, providing a centralized platform for reporting and sending tips about potential sightings. This isn't just a database - it's a beacon of hope for families in search.

Raised: $0

Goal: $3,000

Empower change: launch ourcauseaid with us

Join us in launching OurCauseAid, a platform dedicated to amplifying the impact of global causes. Be a part of our journey, engage with our community, and help bring positive change. Your contribution, whether financial or promotional, can make a tangible difference. Discover how you can support OurCauseAid today.

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