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Goal: $600

Providing Health Care for Paupers

Join our mission at SG Mobile Health Care to revolutionize healthcare in Ghana. Your support can help us bring vital services to those in need, develop innovative solutions, and make universal health access a reality.

Raised: $60

Goal: $1,000

Pairing Hope Community- Menstrual Hygiene Project

Pairing Hope Community, a non-profit in Ghana, empowers underprivileged girls and women through health initiatives and blood donation drives. Join us in fostering change and improving lives. Discover how to support our cause today.

Raised: $0

Goal: $3,000

Empower Change: Launch OurCauseAid with Us

Join us in launching OurCauseAid, a platform dedicated to amplifying the impact of global causes. Be a part of our journey, engage with our community, and help bring positive change. Your contribution, whether financial or promotional, can make a tangible difference. Discover how you can support OurCauseAid today.

Raised: $10

Goal: $5,000

The Missing Kids Project: A Lifeline for Lost Children

We are developing Ghana's first digital database for missing children, providing a centralized platform for reporting and sending tips about potential sightings. This isn't just a database - it's a beacon of hope for families in search.